And so commences the obligatory agency waffle, crafted under the influence of too many flat whites and constant reference to Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we just used a little plain English to describe what we do?

How’s about this...

We’re a small team of HTML email specialists. We spend our days designing and building emails. Without wanting to brag, we’re properly good at it, and are lucky enough to work with some fantastic brands, either directly or in stealth-mode as ‘specialist external resources’ (ie sub-contractors).

Before we discovered our love for email, we described ourselves as a web agency. We built custom ASP.NET websites and web applications. Big ones, with many, many features. We still do, from time-to-time.

We've been plying our digital trade since 2006. There will most likely be some form of celebration when we hit our 10 year anniversary.



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